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Originally Posted by talisman View Post
You would have liked my 1967 390 Fastback. Brief daily in 2000. Not an original S-Code, but the closest thing I ever got to owning a "race car." I would love to see a Marti Report on that thing. It was supposedly, and with a small amount of paperwork and decoding to back it up, one of about 6 originally Playboy Pink Fastbacks built in 67. It had been repainted to maroon by the time I got it.
You'r right, I'd take that one too. And I'd paint that mofo pink ASAP.
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1981 all original (i think) chevy silverado. Should've kept it. Really shoulda.
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Hands down the old 4x4 Fairmont station wagon. I drove it in college and for a broke ass kid I could’ve kept it and made it work but I didn’t. When Forrest was still here I asked him about it and he said it was on a friend’s ranch. I’d still give my left testicle to get it back. My kids would love it and I would too.
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The King
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1967 Galaxie 2-door (1st choice)
1967 Fairlane 2-door (2nd choice)
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Rick Modena
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My '94 T-Bird SC, '09 GT 45th anniversary w/glass roof, both bought new and my '96 Mystic Cobra.

My Dad had a '67 Chevelle Super Sport in mello yellow with a black vinyl top (non vert). 396 BB with a 4 speed muncie and non-factory air conditioning. I'm assuming it was put on by the dealer since it was under the dash, but I was too young to know if it was or not.
I've seen similar models go for $2/300k at barrett actions...
Originally Posted by Silverback View Post
Look all you want, she can't find anyone else who treats her as bad as I do, and I keep her self esteem so low, she wouldn't think twice about going anywhere else.

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I had a '72 F250 with a 390 FE, C6, 4.10 in the rear, and dual tanks. Very tough truck.
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Time Served
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71 Challenger RT w/ 383 magnum
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nay cant afford 1 lugnut, nay never owned car, nay sez god i love cock, nays demanding white cock

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