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Default Old Chevy 4x4 stuff...

I finally acquired a kingpin Dana 60 and 1 ton 14 bolt for my 87 Burban and part of the deal was I had to take it all as a package with an extra 87 1500 Burban 4x4 frame with 10 bolt axle and double front shocks, fuel tank and front leaves. I also got two 4x4 SM465's with NP205's attached to them. All had been sitting in the dirt for a couple years and are VERY dirty and unknown what is inside them. I may pull them apart and rebuild them to sell or if someone is looking for parts, let me know. Figured I would put them here instead of the For sale forum since they are a bit more specific to the 4x4 crowd.

I'm thinking I may keep one NP205 for my rig since I can get the adapter to bolt up to my 700r4, but the 4spds and the second 205 I have no use for and certainly have no use for the frame. would rather find someone that needs a straight frame to convert a 2wd to 4wd or fix a bent truck rather than take to scrap yard.

Located in College Station.
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