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Default Brace for Impact, Blue Wave Incoming!!


The proposal, a priority of Sanders’ supporters since the Vermont senator’s defeat in a bitterly contested 2016 primary, would prohibit superdelegates — who made up roughly 15 percent of the delegates during the 2016 convention — from voting on the first presidential nominating ballot at a contested national convention.


During the committee meeting Wednesday, Don Fowler, a former DNC chairman and outspoken critic of the rules change, asked, “For what? Why? … Why vote if you can’t affect the outcome?”

Eliminating superdelegate votes on the first ballot, Fowler said, would only increase the likelihood of a convention going to a second ballot, where superdelegates would have their votes restored — potentially weighing in against the top vote-getter on the first ballot.

He described that scenario as a “great horror” that “this party would have a very difficult time surviving.”
It is quite satisfying watching the Democrat party implosion directly due to every questionable scheme they have come up with to advance their bullshit (superdelegates, nuclear option in the senate, activist SC judges, etc etc etc)
When the government pays, the government controls.
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I don't know why they even bothered with a primary. Once Biden decided not to run she was a lock.

Even for 2020 if Kamala Harris isn't polling well she might be their nominee. Terry McAuliffe is a better candidate but he owes the Clintons a lot so he'll back out for her.
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SS Junk
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I hope there are primaries just to sit back and watch the shit show.
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Originally Posted by SS Junk View Post
I hope there are primaries just to sit back and watch the shit show.
When it comes to shit shows, the dems deliver.
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Sanders was never in it to win it. The Clinton machine admitted that they had "leverage" over Sanders in the Podesta emails. If someone has leverage over you, do you think you're going to win?

For months, former supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders have been bullied, guilted and gaslighted into supporting the illicitly-nominated Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. In addition to using the entirely spurious claim that the warmongering queen of corruption is somehow less dangerous than her opponent Donald Trump, Hillary supporters (mostly paid shills, but some real supporters) have been telling progressives that they must support Hillary Clinton on the grounds that it’s what Bernie Sanders wants them to do.

Well, it turns out that one’s probably false, too. A newly released email from WikiLeaks’ Podesta files shows top-level Clinton campaign members discussing the “leverage” that they have over Sanders to control how he spoke about Hillary Clinton during the primary race in May of last year, and another shows them scheduling Sanders’ endorsement of Clinton and planning how they’ll use it to rally the progressive vote in December of last year.
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the party of naynays

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