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Default "Active Shooter" in Charleston


Tom and Patsy Plant were eating lunch at Virginia's with their daughter Laura among 15 to 20 people.They said a man came from the kitchen with a loaded revolver in his left hand and announced "There's a new boss in town." One customer ran out back door. The Plants followed the customer, leaving their stuff in the restaurantThey described gunman as black man in his late 50s. Patsy said he looked
like "an ordinary grandpa, but he had a crazy look. It was very crazy."

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I take it no other customer was armed. Probably a different news story if it happened here.
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I like his tag line!
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Originally Posted by Shaggin Wagon View Post
I like his tag line!
If you just lose it one day and say "F^@$ IT", that's a good line to use.
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Fred Williamson 1975.
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old naynigs still nay, pants down, pink pants

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