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Originally Posted by Forever_frost View Post
Technically, this action is not unconstitutional.
Sadly this is true. Our government provides military protection and other benefits to the Virgin Islands, however they have their own government and legal system..so they do have the right to do it. I have several friends down there on both St. Croix and St. Thomas and they apparently accept and love the island life. For the most part it appears they were spared a direct hit but it is still bad down there.
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Originally Posted by S_K View Post
The guys that tried to jack my boat were sheriff deputies from Terebonne parish. Had no troubles from contractors.
Crooked LE in Louisiana? I would have never guessed.
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Originally Posted by bubbaearl View Post
there is some iffy wording in there . it's like they are not confiscating your shit just borrowing it .
Yes, borrowing. By their national guard at gun point by edict without giving you a receipt for ammo count or weapon.
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I wonder how they will feel when people start "donating" ammunition one round at a time.
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