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Default Underwater

I was bored the other night and went to see this. I liked it. I didn't know what to expect but not a bad little underwater horror flick. One part made no sense and it is woke with two female leads but still not a bad little movie.Well worth the price of admission for sure. OK, so I went to see the last Star Wars the other day and it started at midnight instead of 1115 so they gave me a couple of free tickets.

I will say going to the last showings during the week and on Sunday is like owning your own movie theater. There was me and two others in Star Wars and like 8 people in Underwater.
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Nice! I'll sometimes cut out of work a little early during the week and go catch a movie by myself and like not having to deal with a crowded Friday night/weekend crowd.

Didn't realize that Underwater was out already. Looks interesting and I'll try to catch it sometime next week.
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