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Default Do good replacement corners actually exist somewhere

If you've owned a 94-98 mustang for very long, you know about the front blinkers. The black weatherstripping on them doesn't last unless it's an original Ford part. Those were great, but they also die after 15 years and I had to replace them.

I went with clear corners cause I have a silver car. The weather stripping cracks and starts disintegrating after about a year (maybe less) and the car doesn't even sit in the sun.

Anyone ever solved this problem? I've tried the Mustang parts dealers like 5.0 resto and Late model restoration supply. Their weatherstripping on the corners also sucks, you know they likely order them from the same chinese supplier all the ebay sellers use.

Since the blinker housing itself is usually fine, maybe there's a way to get some high quality weather stripping for it that will fit and do the job, and not rot away in 6 months to a year?
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