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Another vote for Shun. I have the Premier Santoku and I can say that it is a great all-around kitchen knife.
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As for sharpness, I started practicing hand sharpening knives as my collection grew a couple years ago, and have gotten pretty good at it. I can get most knives hair-popping-sharp pretty consistently. Since starting, I have kept our kitchen knives (which are nothing fancy) with a nice edge on them and strop them regularly. I don't use a 'steel', just a ceramic stone and leather strop with polishing compound for straightening out the edge. We all definitely had un-learn some bad habits about knife handling, and I usually warn them when I have given them a fresh touch-up, but they cut sooo much nicer. Nothing like slicing into a fully ripe tomato and getting no resistance whatsoever.

I was going to buy a nice kitchen knife or two but once I started keeping our current set sharp, I really don't see the need for us. Though this is probably the last 'set' I will buy and will replace individual knives with higher quality stuff. Lea prefers the traditional chef knife design and uses that for most stuff, where I like a combination of the Santoku and Carving knife for larger meat.
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Originally Posted by Silverback View Post
for the 10-15 dollar cost of these bad boys, you can't go wrong. And when you're done with it, you just throw it away and buy another!

That is what he have as "house" knives at the restaurant.
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We've gone UK style at my crib, knife free.
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nay will steal ur knife, ruff cnc own blades, svo #1 chef, svo taught gordon ramsay

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