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El Coyote
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Originally Posted by Broncojohnny View Post
This game reminded me why I quit watching this bullshit on a regular basis. That idiotic hands to the face call that gave the Rams a first down on a 3rd and 15. Then that "in the grasp" bullshit that caused the cowboys to lose a 3rd down. What a fucking waste of time the NFL is.
It's Vegas at it's best...
Originally Posted by Da Prez View Post
Fuck dfwstangs!! If Jose ain't running it, I won't even bother going back to it, just my two cents!!
Originally Posted by VETTKLR View Post

Cliff Notes: I can beat the fuck out of a ZR1
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Fuck this organization.
Originally Posted by BradM View Post
But, just like condoms and women's rights, I don't believe in them.
Originally Posted by Leah View Post
In other news: Brent's meat melts in your mouth.
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cfish nailed it again, cocks vs peens, needed more clapping, there's always next year, trannys vs traps

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