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Joe Blow
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Originally Posted by cobrajet69 View Post
Is that water in your fog light?

Yes, water and mud! Those are actually Hella driving lights. They were completely submerged for a few minutes during the first 'stuck' as I was nose in the hole with my rear tires out of it. That's also where most of the mud in the window area came from (spinning tires trying to reverse out). I was able to drain and clean it out at home, and it still works (though the bulb probably won't last long).

I actually intended on replacing those anyways, for something smaller. I already had them and when the smaller KC light broke, I threw these on in the mean time.

Originally Posted by yellowstang View Post
But did it change your mind?
Yeah, I pretty much already had. I realized that the whole 'van' plan gets goofed up with a suv (non-jeep), since one of the benefits will be to be able to flat tow the jeep behind for some trips, at least until I do a 4x4 conversion.
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