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Originally Posted by CyaNide View Post
Probably was it. He had a late 60ís model firebird that was a goldish green color. His name was Wade and lived off of park row in Arlington. Last time I drove by his house the car was still sitting in the carport. This was about 15 years ago.

Wade has been gone for five years but the car is now owned by his friend Ryan. Currently getting repainted the same color and getting the Pro-Touring treatment. I assume the four wheel drum brakes are long gone as well.
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I remember my Daddy telling me how Dallas Sheriff Decker in the 1950's would even go as far as to close off roads so the kids had a place to race. They were going to do it anyway, so he tried to come up with a safer place to do it I guess. Don't know the validity of that story. Down off Malloy Bridge Rd. in far SE Dallas County.
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Spent a few nights down on railhead. After seeing a car race over and over then slam through a building and a truck just pull up behind it and yank it out. Then the huge holes in the concrete that flipped over a Celica, and then the final time a guy hit an 18wheeler trailer and it all got shut down for a while and I never went back.
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I lived for awhile in Valley Ranch in Irving. My ex and I were heading into town and we were getting onto east bound 635 - there were no street lights (161 wasn't there yet) so it was dark as hell. I "may" have been exceeding the speed limit when I saw a dim light waving in front of me and slammed on the brakes. The dim light was a flashlight being used to stop cars, and there were two cars lined up on the on-ramp in front of me. I was lucky that I didn't hit them.

This was just as the cops were shutting down the racing on Newberry and people were finding other places to race. It was always fun watching the racing right on the 635 frontage road when I was driving by on 635.

Seems like it was around that time that I started hearing about racing happening in "Mexico"
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