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2 nays a-naying 50k car 10k house 1994 called anthony’s=salty any cow skin rugs? beto be ur next guvnor carisnowreportedstolen chappy > viper cowboys 2 win super bowl dat nay b slingin rock dat nay didundonuffin don't move to naysville dont worry-nay stole it dude@ walmart parkin lot ffl’s lolz at nay gasser = try curious gasser dumb as nay gasser is nays bottom i mean it's alright just say no to nays keepamericawhite left you for svo? mangushassexwithcarts man i got 5 kidz more govt motors crap nacho's body shop on 303 nay #1 buy here pay here nay already there nay buy w/food stamps nay can’t afford it nay can only fling poop naygot pearl necklace nay lives in gayville nay lives under bridge nay offer $.78 on it nays are violent nay says don't pull out nay says rape me please nays cant shoot wewin nay sez tote da note only nays gonna nay nays hood>baghdad nays mom pay his rent nay steal ur database nay stole aunts changejar nay too lazy for po nay will blow em all nay will move in nay will stroke it need moar blm protests no svo=no dfwm not going to happen putin>stangers putin owns leftoids lol rossmartnpeggedsvo shenanigans steal the money like nay svo 14 years later! svo fucked her 1st svo has 2 svo has several coups svo haxor’d ur server svo original owner svopocketchange=cripto svo says you’re welcome typical day 4 a nay use jb weld instead usps lolz at nays felony violent nig typical we buy ghetto houses

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