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2024=nay still on welfare a guy who knows a guy bate the will bcoop gets rammed beto 4 atf director beto 4 governor in 2022 common sense gun laws cumminssvoedition cuomohastittyrings dookie logistics forever employers lolz @ naynay fast cars lolz @ nay gasser dumb as nay get svo to pee on it gimmie some chon chon goingbrokeisnojoke good vag looks like taco happy svo day he needs his ass kicked hey clark shitter’s full huh???? i prefer clown shoes kimura is crying kimura still bjj her maga so hard nay #1 @ getting repo'd nay #1 gay slut nay cant build or buy nay felt up chimpman nay got petercillin shot nay has aod dildo nay here 4 welfare nay is gay nay is gayest nay nay lives under bridge nay luvs hard stiffies nay rides diks only nay runs glory hole nays ass takes a pounding nay sez tote da note only nay sleeps under fat guy nays mom pays his bills nay want bags on chin nay want horse dik nay want mushroom stamp nay wants your loads nay would drive it nay wrecked moms credit no nays=no crime no nays=no riots no vip peep no vote people that annoy you plugin 4 ur nay lovedoll president joe biden rush kkk approved saints 38 packers 3 snoop dogg svo bought it new in 83 svo did it 1st svo owned titanic svo sponsored by lambo svo trained gary busey tali closet dem there’s always next year trained by svo? trump loves ussr u has cowskins onboard? wife went republican you’re not alone you need a bra

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