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about tree fiddy anthonys shitty 401k asking for a friend average tuesday for svo better call svo bring back slavery now build the wall collin county powerbottom collin county sweet meat copy paste king damn white people dem muslims of peace! duke of dookie fake news fb proof nays a cuck get the f audi here got dem crazy eyes irving residents it was a naynay just call svo laser lolz at ur poorness lolz at dem naynays nay #1 @ getting repo'd nay=deadbeat dad nay blames trump nay can't afford 2 buy nay loves dem muslims nay luvs dat jail sex nay luvs dem ladyboys naynay the shitlord nay only ride diks nays gonna nay nay want gay tag team now nay will never have one needs moar neck beard new cars lolz at naynay nice chick car no! nobody cares no nays=no problems old dookie fingers on his way to church rent free ruffdaddie all butthurt sig pwnd ssjunk stop replying to him stop responding superbowl bound baby! svo svo already banged svo bought it new svo designed it svo noodles gators svo not impressed svo pocket change svo sloppy seconds svo taught ken block svo trained gretzky svo trained patton svo trained ron jeremy svo was there svo would have made it tl;dr trained by svo trublu does not approve u mad bro? ur taxes pay my $alary wherez da terts? wife went republican zomg sky is falling

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