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*****crickets***** 8-8 nope 5-11 if lucky anthonys *real gay anthonys buy w/401k anthonys shitty 401k anthony went or maybe not average tuesday for svo bang his wife asap build the wall carless chris raped nay collin county sweet meat cuckadoodledoo dfwgrindrs dookie logistics forever dsrtuckfaggy dsrtuck tucks his junk duke of dookie dumb and dumber fake news fb proof nays a cuck gasser hurtyalls feewings get the f audi here get trublu to arrest interviews lolz at naynay kimura getting hungry laser lolz at ur poorness nay=deadbeat dad nay can’t afford to buy nay cant afford that nay drives moms car nay fucks male butts nay here for dik only nayisrace&genderconfused naynay the shitlord nay only ride diks nay ruined moms credit nays gonna nay nays mom can’t buy nays mom credit maxed nay suck out the "poison" nay want altright dik nay will steal it need dramamine 2 watch new cars lolz at naynay nice chick car no! no nays=no problems not a closer old dookie fingers rent car/swap motors ruff can cnc one ruff cnc lazer gun ruff lolz @ur cnc skilz ss junk truly stupid svo svo 1st 2 rock van svo approves svo did it in 86 svo did it w/glider svo died in 86 svo foreskins 4 sale svo knows svo named her svo trained ceasar milan svo trained earnhardt svo was there svo will fix it throw in nays ghetto yard wife went republican yo mama

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