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*****crickets***** attention whore fail balls deep son better call svo build the wall can tdc parolees apply? cool story bro copy paste king damn white people fake news fake news she's white fought the law law won had dirt on hillary irving residents laser final offer=$58k lolz at dat naynay lolz at dem naynays nacho's body shop on 303 nay #1 cuck nay #1 dumbass nay #1 gay expert nay can't afford 2 buy nay for the lulz nay got dat black rage nay luvs dem ladyboys naynay can't afford it naynay has $1500 chair nay says muslim=piece nay says to skinny nays be nay'in nays gonna steal nays mom pays his bills nays mom rent dem tires nay want to be white new cars lolz at naynay nobody cares no nays=no problems not white=deport on his way to church perez transport pizzagate is real poor people problems project bananas ruffdaddie all butthurt she pays svo for sex superbowl bound baby! svo svo built the pyramids svo designed it svo has chauffeur svo hit it svo hit it twice svo judgejuryexecutioner svo not impressed svo pay with cash svo pilot training again svo pocket change svo sloppy seconds svo taught ken block svo trained al gore svo trained him svo will handle this svo would hit it them damn naynays things a naynay would do tl;dr trublu does not approve trublu says good shoot trumps fault vatos>naynays

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