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  1. Socialist Canada Suxorz!
  2. Our Government lies and is addicted to our money
  3. God.
  4. FEMA camps for realzz!!!
  5. Britain attempts to reduce welfare
  6. Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
  7. These voices don't speak for us- reagan compilation
  8. Wayne Madsen: China Fired Missile Seen In Southern California
  9. San Fancisco to Ban Circumcisions
  10. black societal issue
  11. Nuclear codes lost during Clinton presidency: ex-general
  12. Pinch me I must be dreaming
  13. Here's someone who opted out of the Body scanners and recorded the incident
  14. Can Detroit be saved?
  15. NY Manufacturing index has fastest contraction since 2001
  16. Is the Treasure bubble burst?
  18. Many Rally To Support Boy's Flag Display
  19. EU Economies collapsing Part Deux
  20. Exempt from Obamacare...
  21. USA top exports: Aircraft, grains and empty containers
  22. Slavoj Zižek on charity & cultural capitalism
  23. wow, Dick Cheney looks horrible
  24. Charity and why I don't believe in it anymore
  25. Project paper clip is finally getting some attention
  26. Never enough taxes, now a sales tax
  27. Government solution to debt, more debt
  28. Google Map error triggers armed conflict...
  29. Pelosi elected house minority leader
  30. Chinese re-route 15% of the world's internet traffic in April.
  31. Enough is Enough
  32. Ron paul and the tsa
  33. Join the TSA and get your grope on!
  34. Texas DPS helping border security
  35. Sanford Airport to opt out of TSA screening
  36. Israel doesnt use body scanners
  37. Satellite appears to show NKorea nuke building
  38. U.S. deploying heavily armored battle tanks for first time in Afghan war
  39. Few Afghans know about 9/11, reason for war
  40. Does the TSA Ever Catch Terrorists?
  41. Incoming Speaker Boehner avoids airport pad-down
  42. Here's a list of the 19 Senators that voted to censor the INTERNET
  43. The story of Jonah
  44. I'm no Mr. TINFOIL HAT, but hear me out.
  45. TSA caves in soldier's ribs
  46. TSA pat-down leaves cancer survivor covered in urine
  47. senate bill s510
  48. TSA worker caught jacking off to scanner images
  49. Illegal to recording TSA
  50. Full body scanners waste of money expert says he can get explosives past them.
  51. Military and TSA
  52. Ground Zero mosque builders want $5 million grant -- from 9/11 NYC fund...
  53. Awesome! Chris Christie tells of apology from President of Teachers Union
  54. TSA Protects America by Groping My…Poodle
  55. I believe that China is slowly trying to kill/weaken the US
  56. Norks fire on SK island
  57. 11/24 National opt out day
  58. I'll be groped for xmas (TSA)
  59. More safer travel coming
  60. Neaux wai!! Al Gore lied? Weird!!
  61. Big Government not invited to thanksgiving
  62. South Korea vs. North Korea (Conflict Thread)
  63. Stuxnet... Someone kicked Iran's Ass...
  64. Obama gets 12 stitches in basketball injury today
  65. California State Pension System makes Madoff proud
  66. Con Air - TSA Remix
  67. Woman's panty liner sets off need for closer inspection
  68. Sarah Palin:A Thanksgiving Message to All 57 States
  69. Obamacare in action - SEIU to drop healthcare coverage for workers children
  70. YouCut
  71. And this is a religion of peace..yea, right.
  72. More TSA harassment
  73. North Korea
  74. Man arrested after ejaculating during TSA pat-down
  75. HOT CHICK explains Why Keynesian policies fail
  76. Retired Army Lt. Col. Derides ‘Gutless Wonder’ Obama Over WikiLeaks Dump
  77. Darkhorse (3/5) has been getting hammered this month in Afghanistan
  78. Were Fucked: Carter Talks Foreign Policy With White House Adviser
  79. 2 Million people about to loose unemployment checks
  80. WTF?!?! US To Bailout European Union!!
  81. Loss of home mortgage interest deduction
  82. This summarizes my political philosophy
  83. Nigeria to charge Dick cheney in pipeline bribery case
  84. Dems vote to partially extend Bush Tax Cuts
  85. Does God Want People to Go to Hell?
  86. Moore's Beach Monster
  87. Wikileaks...
  88. Last public position...
  89. Origin of Life
  90. Senate blocks Bush tax cut extension.
  91. Political Humor Thread
  92. An educated guess on Texas students in the U.S. illegally
  93. Evolution: The Grand Experiment
  94. Granite Halos
  95. Sleep now in the fire. Analysis Help.
  96. White House Proposes Payroll-Tax Holiday
  97. So, has obama thrown the democrats to the wolves?
  98. EPA: 2 Parker County homes at risk of explosion
  99. "Tongues"
  100. Separation of Church and State in Constitution?
  101. Eugenics: Evolution's Controbution to Mankind
  102. School me on the Economy
  103. My issues with Christianity
  104. Ron Paul to head up Federal Reserve Oversite panel
  105. Pelosi loses twice.. we lose once..
  106. I'm not a John Edwards fan...
  107. I guess Denny and GW Bush was right
  108. 'Vandals have hacked at the heart of Christianity 2,000yr old HolyTree of Glastonbury
  109. Apple pulls Christian app
  110. Ancient Technology
  111. So, obama turns to CLINTON to try to put his tax deal through
  112. The Duggar Family America's Creepist Family?
  113. Christians, I have a question.
  114. Obamacare is UNCONSTITUTIONAL
  115. Mitt Romney: Why tax cut is a bad deal
  116. Michael Moore posts bail for WikiLeaks founder
  117. The God Delusion-has anyone read it
  118. THIS is why I hate govt officials
  119. School Board Shooter
  120. Looks like they are going after Matt Drudge
  121. Rocks?
  122. Thank God we live in America
  123. Preamble
  124. Well the Tax Cuts are going to be extended
  125. The depraved vs. the deprived
  126. The last threads of democracy die in Venezuela
  127. Dream act doa
  128. :) Smile! GOD LOVES YOU!!!!! :)
  129. How to convert an atheist....
  130. This lame duck Congress...
  131. UCMJ now has to be rewritten...
  132. The War on Drugs and the absurdity of our government summed up in one sentence
  133. Obama is NOT a Keynesian!
  134. Wikileaks founder turns on friends and foes alike.
  135. Don't ask Don't Tell is dead...
  136. The 20 Craziest Things the U.S. Government wastes money on..
  137. VW: Teddy coulda used one....
  138. Title IX = Death of Men's Sports
  139. "Phobic"
  140. Conservative vs Liberal...which are you?
  141. Obama calls Eagles owner to congratulate him for signing Vick
  142. New life for the F-22
  143. 2010 polls: Obama most admired man LOLz
  144. Question about Jesus Christ?
  145. most disliked taxes? most supported?
  146. Kentucky creationist museum will feature dragons and unicorns...
  147. I never got into the flat tax debate
  148. Nyc snow job: Slow clean-up was union 'protest'
  149. globalwarminghoax.com
  150. NYT journalist interviews Allen West...
  151. The ObamaCare Fraud
  152. Something from the Other side of the pond
  153. Jindal, Christie and Palin on Hannity tonite...
  154. North Korea: we have no idea what to say.
  155. Lee Ermey about President Obama
  156. You're right.. they're not crazy.
  157. House GOP to work on repeal of Obamacare
  158. Just finished watching the movie Unthinkable...
  159. Employees get a 2% raise
  160. F U Robert Gibbs, KTHXbi
  161. A pic that makes me smile
  162. White House loses nearly a quarter of its value
  163. Ancient Aliens
  164. Odyssey: WikiLeaks info should eject U.S. from dispute
  165. 'Birther' interrupts House reading of Constitution
  166. Pope acknowledges Big Bang was the result of God
  167. Will liberal greenies want border control now?
  168. The epitome of liberal short sited thinking ...
  169. This'll help IL
  170. Rep. Gifford killed in AZ
  171. CNBC Host Chides NYT and Dems for Opposing Constitution Reading
  172. Iceland didn't end with no bailout
  173. Nancy Pelosi passing the gavel
  174. Texas Deficit Estimate Comes In Worse Than The Worst Expectations
  175. Obama declares France in America's Greatest Ally
  176. Council of Governors - One Year Ago Today
  177. defense budget
  178. Does it cost $26K to educate a kid?
  179. China’s stealth jet test hints at rogue military
  180. Perry: Forget rainy day fund
  181. FLA Jogger wont be charged for shooting/killing attacker.
  182. Texas sales tax revenue rises for ninth consecutive month
  183. could this man be President
  184. $11,567 to educate a student, again.
  185. Totally new right here, I simply wanna say hi
  186. Elected officials flunk constitution quiz
  187. Weather.com still pushing global warming
  188. Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution:
  189. Deep layoffs take effect in struggling NJ city
  190. There's video of the Tucson shooting
  191. Democrat from Houston says repeal of Obamacare violates 5th/14th amendment
  192. Hawaii governor can't find Obama birth certificate
  193. Anyone shocked.....
  194. Amazon sues Texas for sales tax audit
  195. House GOP seeks healthcare law alternative
  196. 50th Anniversary of JFK's Inaugural Address
  197. Stick this in your pipe and smoke it.
  198. Police Raid Marijuana Store, No Arrests, but Steal Cash from Employees, Patients
  199. S. Korea don't like pirates either
  200. Immigration, world poverty and gumballs
  201. Chipotle protested after they fire illegals
  202. EPA approves E15 for 2001-2006 cars...
  203. Suethefed.com
  204. NAACP blocks Washington Statue
  205. MSNBC Finally Waking Up?
  206. Time for a constitutional convention
  207. liberal tree huggers want to criminalize the cleaning and processing of live catfish.
  208. Report: Texas gave away billions to businesses
  209. ‘Is GE betraying its customers and its country?’
  210. Credit Cards
  211. Obama White House humiliates U.S. by letting Chinese play Anti American tune at WH.
  212. Dems accuse conservatives of vitriol?
  213. Careful what you wish for
  214. Gay-hating Christians...
  215. Shit just got real in Russia
  216. Arizona shooting suspect pleads NOT GUILTY
  217. No thread about Rahmbo yet??
  218. Housing prices fall
  219. So who's watching the State of the Union address?
  220. AZ to make Obama produce Birt Cert to run again!!
  221. Utah to select official state gun
  222. CBO: Social Security to begin running permanent deficits this year, not 2016
  223. sounds like a good idea
  224. Surprise! Radical Islamist smuggled across US-Mexico border
  225. Texas passes Voter ID bill
  226. Obama gets an F
  227. Japan debt down graded
  228. GOP planning pay-as-you-must spending
  229. California Residents Hit With Government Ban On Paying By Cash
  230. Thank God for fucking SPAM texts!!
  231. So gas is going to go up this summer why?
  232. More stupidity from the TSA
  233. Bank violates SCRA, family left homeless.
  234. Those that follow the market- do you think it will end UP or DOWN tomorrow? (Monday)
  235. Carter vs. Barry (Iran/Egypt)
  236. College Degrees per counties
  237. Undocumented jerseys detained
  238. South Dakota Lawmakers Mandating Gun Ownership
  239. NFL players gone broke
  240. DART Rail Shut Down
  241. Anybody watching Hannity?
  242. Obama endorses Muslim Brotherhood take over of Egypt?
  243. Obamas snubbed by Prince William?
  244. Muslims
  245. Obama give Russia UK's secrets
  246. Why is it that...
  247. Since this is the political forum
  248. If Reagan were a Republican today...
  249. Gas line blown up
  250. Walk to Emmaus