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Aftermarket audio with car warranty

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  • Aftermarket audio with car warranty

    What’s everyone’s experiences? Had numerous small systems but always in older cars. Seen a few posts online from random people and responses are over the place. Some are like its voids all electrical, or just the audio on the car, or the audio and if the dealer says it affected another circuit or system. Just wanting experienced audio enthusiast opinions/ experiences. It’s a 2017 Camry. Wanting to either transfer my existing stuff in( 2 JL12wo in a slot ported wedge box, jl 500.1 and the big3) or upgrade to something bigger. Pair of sa12’s on a 1500.1. Thanks for any info, it’s my first car with a warranty, lol

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    Hopefully Eric chimes in. He installed my last system and will be doing this one too


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      They can't void your warranty on entire electrical when you add bass. Some newer cars require more parts than others to add audio but usually no big deal.


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        Cool, read up alittle on the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act today. Looks like it says a dealer can’t void a warranty because aftermarket stuff was simply added. They have to prove it absolutely caused the issue at hand or honor the warranty. Like you said they can’t void the entire warranty. If a seat switch went out they should replace it, but I bet if my alternator went out they wouldn’t. Let me figure out want I want to run so I can set up an appointment with you