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  • DVD Retention Harness

    This may be a dumb question.... I have the roof DVD player in my 06 Expedition. I installed an aftermarket radio this weekend and used the DVD retention harness kit for it. I did not connect the RCA cables because I don't want the DVD sound to go over the main speakers. I do want the IR to still work for the headphones.

    Does anyone know if the IR will still work? I got some headphones that should be in tomorrow to see but am curious in the meantime.

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    For those wondering, the answer is no the IR wont work on factory DVD player for wireless headsets without modification.

    Luckily, I found this video and was able to knock it all out in about 10 min. Now headsets are working great.

    Here i show you how to make your factory headphones for your rear DVD player work after removing your factory radio and replacing it with a aftermarket radio...