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Nancy Pelosi Carefully Distances Self From Own Husband After Wine Country Porsche DUI

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      Again, it is a DUI. Same level of charge as possession of marijuana (if you have a lot now), I don't think this is the one to prove the government is corrupt. DWI investigation is the hardest and most technical skill to master in LE in my opinion, well behind DRE. So they find lawyers to find the tiniest mistake you made and poof the guy is out. Some of the responses we get from the DA when we turn our cases in is crazy now. I had one get mad because my guy showed up to translate, he was the 4th car in the line well after the stop, DA said they needed his in car video or it would get thrown out. We have body cams. He said they were watching the video and when he got out of his squad they noticed his in car was on. That guy had a public defender I am sure.
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        Originally posted by scootro View Post
        isn't that amazing?
        Not really, they're all the exact same way.

        So it's like you or me voting for someone that likes guns and 4x4's