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Issue with Leather

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  • Issue with Leather

    Pardon the dusty/dirty seat.

    So I got back from Colorado last week and when I unloaded my truck I noticed the rear seat looked like this. Didn't really pay much attention to it because whatever it was, it was to late to do anything about it. Figured it was a plastic bag that came apart on the seat or something. Nobody sat right there and we had a plastic box and/or back packs/bags sitting on top of it at various times. Started cleaning up my truck today and took a better look and it looks like some sort of coating on the leather seat was coming apart. Reminds me how your skin peels after a sunburn.

    Any ideas what this is?

    Pisses me off because I had thought about buying some seat covers before this trip. I had gotten something on the seats on one of my previous trips and it took allot of elbow grease and leather cleaner and conditioner to get it right.

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    Looks almost like the top layer of the hide chafed through.


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      Fuck. That's what I was thinking to


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        Domestic car leather has always sucked. Tell ‘em you were gonna buy a C8, but now fuck that I’m getting a Porsche cause their leather doesn’t fall apart.


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          put stuff on a seat in a hot car will do that


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            Have the same problem with my seats. I ended up getting a cover.


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              Call Gold team interior repair, they are mobile and will prolly charge about 125 to fix it. 214 578 1912