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    I’ve tried many of ceramicoat soaps and others in the past and it never fails by the time I’m almost done there is absolutely no suds even after adding to the mix with a spray of water to try and suds it up again. It suds for a few minutes and then nothing. I’ve even done the two bucket clean/dirty method and still the same result. I’ve also looked at online reviews and used some recommended ones for this very issue and came out the same pretty much. Anyone have a good ceramicoat soap that stays sudsy the entire wash that they personally have used and works?

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      First off, most soaps today are made to be safe for the environment, meaning the days of extra sudsy soap and even products like pimp juice for tires are regulated in the type of ingredients used today. Dawn liquid detergent still works up plenty o'suds but it strips off your wax or ceramic type coating. So if you use that stuff be prepared to re-wax your car as it won't have ANY paint protection left on it.

      Second, there is a misconception on washing your car, paint is very durable and the soaps today do a very good job of washing your car. I mean really, use some basic Meguires or turtle wax car was soap. It is has a small alkaline content so it does NOT strip your wax or an type of paint protectant off of your car during washing.
      Another important part of washing your car is doing it in the shade or in steps if thats not possible, wash a few panels and rinse, keep the vehicle wet til your finished and then dry it off as soon as possible. Sun dried soap and hard water is hard to get off once the Sun bakes it on.
      I wash my cars in that manner and then pull them in the garage and dry them off.

      Also, on the topic of washing/waxing. I started using the Meguires Ceramic hybrid wash and wax. I was surprised at the ease of use and also the speed and gloss I achieved. I've been a Meguires, 3-M & Zaino fanboi for years. This orange bottle comes with two different types of wash and wax, it comes with a measuring cup (ounces) and you follow the instructions ($20.xxish).
      I used it on my brand new car since it was a test mule since it didn't have any type of wax on it. After I used it I was pleasantly surprised (get back to this later). The reason I used this product is because I had used their Hybrid ceramic wax in a blue bottle on my wifes Mustang. It requires you to wash and then apply this and rinse it, it worked pretty good. Not as good as waxing but I didn't spend 4-5 hours washing, waxing and final detailing the car (i've gotten lazy in my older years).

      Back to Meguires orange bottle, after I finished using it, I decided that I would Zaino my new car since it was very clean from the wash wax, well to my surprise the fender I did as a test wasn't much different than the door/rest of the car as far as clarity, depth (DirectOpticImage), the Zaino did feel more silky smooth (like fresh wax) so I knew it still needed that extra protection, but Meguires orange bottle of hybrid wash and wax really does work if you don't want to spend an entire day of sweating your balls of in the Texas heat. Also my cars are garage kept, so don't come back in here withstories of how it didn't work on your clapped out, outdoor kept cars and expect a miracle with this Meguires stuff, like any automotive paint on a car, it must be maintained to achieve any type of good results...
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