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The last of us.

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  • The last of us.

    First three episodes were spectacular and very well made. First two were full of messed up surprises. The third one was a little woke, but very entertaining, kind of a side story, nailed Ron Swanson to a T, with one catch. Last episode was kind of short though.

    I say it is a good watch and if they keep it up, it will be the next long running series. Be sure and watch the pod casts at the end or whatever, they put some thought into every episode.

    HBO fyi.
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    but for real, I liked the first two episodes, but haven't gotten around to the 3rd. I have heard that it's totally useless to the plot, and is woke for woke sake. I'l eventually watch it, but it's not in my que to use my valuable free time on.


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      looks great! i'll watch it