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    Chopped, I hate to hear stories like that, prayers for you and his family and friends.

    We had it run through the house week before last. Gf and I had sinus cold type symptoms and some headache. Neither of us had fever that we ever saw or felt like to take our temps more than every so often just to test. We both lost taste and smell. Hers for a very short time and then just dulled after it came back. Mines been gone since 12-5 but I'm getting some light senses of both back. I still can't smell or taste 90% of things and what I can smell has to be basically at my nose. Her son woke feeling bad and had a fever of 100.6 on 12-3, I took him for a drove thru test that day and we got his positive result Saturday morning 12-5. My gf lost her taste and smell the morning of 12-1. She went back to the office today, she worked from home all during our quarantine. Her son went back in class Monday and I went back to work as well Monday. I spent my quarantine mostly working in my home shop. We very very blessed with very minor symptoms by thoughts. I never got tested but assume by the lost of taste and smell I'd been positive. My gf is I blood type. I don't know mine. Her daughter was tested 12-5 and got a negative, she'd not had any symptoms or signs of being sick and hasn't been tested again. She won't be able to go back to in class school until after the new year.