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    Originally posted by TX_92_Notch View Post
    It's been a crazy couple of weeks. The missus facetimed with her bio dad this past weekend and he's super excited to get to know her. Turns out she has an older (half) brother with twin boys (her nephews) and 6 aunts/uncles.

    She's taking it slow but it's a huge relief that he's not some sort of axe murderer or anything. Just a normal guy and he's interested in the relationship.
    Thats awesome man!


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      Originally posted by abecx View Post
      Thats awesome man!
      Agreed. He told his son about my wife this weekend and they all want to get together soon. We're trying to decide how to make it happen. They live near Cape Cod (Mass) and we're obviously in DFW so it's a long haul for whomever makes the trek.


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        Originally posted by Rick Modena View Post
        I couldn't even imagine the bill on a few kids and instance like that.

        Also, I got to thinking what if someone a got a chick pregos and she couldn't find the father and cried rape to her parents, then years later they find the father, what kind of legal shit could that start?
        I'd imagine statute of limitations would be in effect at that point.