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Project - Stump Puller (94 Lightning)

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    Well after battling what I thought was an exhaust leak, I decided to pull the headers off. I used a hose and listened around headers and was sure I had a leak between all four primaries at the collector. Unfortunately though I didn't find any cracks. I did, however, see an issue with the gaskets I used. Although there weren't any signs of the gaskets blowing out, there was barely enough gasket material to cover the port and some of the ports came really close to the edge. The hose-to-ear test didn't indicate any leaks though. I have the proper gaskets on the way.

    I also noticed that my flanges are not true to a straight edge. Do you think they would straighten out when tightened down?


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      Remflex gaskets, problem solved.


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        Did you get the header welded up? I will own one of these trucks one day, nice job so far
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          I did. I posted a pic on page 1 of the crack. I had it welded but I found out today that the weld didn't completely seal the crack and the middle piece that welds the four primaries is also cracked. I'm 99% sure that when I filled the little pockets with water, after the repair, that nothing weeped through so I assumed the repair was good and installed the headers. Today, I decided to use something with a little more penetration power so I filled that middle pocket with brake cleaner and BAM! It dripped out of the inside.

          I'm not sure a muffler shop can repair it. I'm so over this that I don't want to risk a repair not holding up or missing something else and having to remove the exhaust a 3rd time.