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  • What I have been working on

    315/40-17 Nitto drag radials DO FIT!

    I can get a finger between the tire and the wheel well all around, just need to adjust the parking brake cable though.

    I am going in with a new fuel tank that is narrower than the stock tank so I can get tail pipes back in there.

    275/40-17 Nitto NT05 for the fronts

    Of course you can see those are 95 Cobra R wheels (M-1007-R58) that I had the rears widened by 1.5". To get them to fit I used a small 3/8" maximum motorsports spacer.
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    Fuck you. We're going to Costco.

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    I could not be any happier with how the wheels came out. They were in rough shape before, now they look better than out of the box from Ford. They were stripped, repaired, poweder coated then cleared.

    Fuck you. We're going to Costco.


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      Behind Bars Race Cars tank

      Picked up a 18 gallon direct replacement that uses a MagnaFuel Pro Tuner 750 mounted in the tank.

      He sent me the wrong straps so I have to make my own tomorrow. I really want to get it in the car so I can see how much room for tail pipes I have.

      Anyone intersted in a Aeromotive sumped tank?
      Fuck you. We're going to Costco.


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        Wirring harness

        Stripped down to build a new harness with a couple new twists.

        I sure hope I can make this thing run when it all goes back together

        New connectors for the firewall

        I took a lot of research to find the right tool to cut the D-Shaped holes in the sheet metal. Then it took a dozen phone calls to get the damn thing to me. This is a loaner from Deutsch. New in the box will cost you $530 but the loaner is free as long as you only have it for 30 days. A month wait for a tool that I was finished with in 10 muntes.

        End result, sort of
        Fuck you. We're going to Costco.


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          very nice.
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          only on DFWMUstangs...


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            Looks great.


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              can anyone tell me which pin of the IAT is the 5v referrence? Long story short. It is a new plug and a completely new harness I built from scratch and this is the only puzzle piece I can not find my notes on.

              Fuck you. We're going to Costco.


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                a HUGE thanks to David (Cobrajet69)

                He has been over here lending me a hand

                Big thanks to Brooks (turbostang - as if there is another)

                Hopefully my cuts I made when building my cold side weren't too bad to weld up.
                Fuck you. We're going to Costco.


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                  Who widened the wheels for you and what did you spend?



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                    I'm running the same tire sizes front and back on my 85 coupe.
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                      sweet, can't wait to see it finished.


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                        Originally posted by projectPONY View Post
                        Who widened the wheels for you and what did you spend?
                        Wheels America in Dallas off of Cockrall Hill Rd and Mint. Ask for David or Dennis. They did a great job, their customer service was very good also. I called and was told they were not ready and would be finished in the morning. Three hours later I got a call saying they were finished. I drove there from Haslet only to find out they weren't. No worries they delivered them to me at my house the next day.

                        Cost? Well, I started with some pretty rough wheels. I think the widening fee was $230 each. To have them widended, and all four stripped and refinished cost me around $900.
                        Fuck you. We're going to Costco.


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                          Looks good man ,I am putting firewall Connectors too.
                          I will look at my harness tonight for that iat plug for you.
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                            Holy shit 900 dollars? For cobra r's?



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                              looks great