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Old 12-14-2022, 10:08 AM   #1
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Default No Storm Thread?

Figured someone would post about it. Crazy to have that kind of stuff in December.

I was remote working from home and had everyone in the tub with a mattress over our heads. Luckily it scooted just south of us and hit some houses about 1 mile away.

Wrecked Grapevine pretty good too.
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cool cat
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I was at work in Coppell, 121 and Sandy Lake Rd area, not far from the areas of Grapevine that were hit. I moved my truck from the parking lot to inside the shop right as the storm was closest to us, that was intense with the wind blowing like that.
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I was on the way to work, it got spicy.
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Rick Modena
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Nothing bad here, just some strong wind and heavy rain. Nothing like that though.
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There was a storm?
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