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Originally Posted by bubbaearl View Post
there is no tenure in texas. there is a 3 year probation period. my bride had a lifetime certificate but never a lifetime contract . renews every year .
base pay for a teacher maxes out at approx 44,500. new hire is less than 30k. so to get to 140k a year you must be in a hell of a district that will throw in 100k . on average teacher pay is a little over 50k . small districts just dont have the money to throw in. i dont think anyone with a brain would go into teaching for the money .
yes there are some worthless teachers out there but they only exist because of lack of leadership and no balls administrators who will not get rid of them. for the most part parents are clueless as to their rights or afraid to rock the boat.
if you are not going to hold students accountable for their action don't even start to hold a teacher responsible for the outcome .
I think there's a lot of misinformation in this thread and overall. Districts vary widely. We moved here from NC in 2001. My wife taught her first year in a small district before moving to Frisco ISD the next year and getting a significant raise -- $8K plus over previous year. It was the complete opposite of the structure for teacher compensation in NC.

This is straight to the FISD site: http://www.friscoisd.org/employment/starting-salary

First year teacher, no experience, bachelor's degree = $47,500
First year teacher, no experience, master's degree = $48,500
Starting salaries for other new hire teachers will be based upon consideration for experience...

That doesn't include any stipends for being team leader, department head, coaching, etc. Some teachers are making more than many of you think...

As for why someone would want to teach, well, some people just love helping kids. I 100% agree that you shouldn't hold the teacher responsible for the outcome when you don't hold the students or families. Most just don't care.
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