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Default Girl troubles

Why is it that my ex-girlfriend still feels entitled to me? We've been broken up for 2-3 months now and I've never brought a single woman over, not once. I have always been respectful and gone to their place instead even though she'll have guys over every now and then that'll come stay the night which is perfectly fine I don't mind too much considering I know that I'm steady tapping that ass on almost a daily basis.

So last night I bring home a girl after we go out to a couple bars and we had been drinking so driving would have been a bad idea. Of course I give her the tour of the house and Jessica see's this chick and flips out trying to push me out of her way in the house etc and she doesn't want to speak or see me.... I just shrug my shoulders and go into the room with my date and a few minutes later it's on and poppin.

So I'm beating it up from behind when all of the sudden about an hour into things I hear my ex-girlfriend banging on my door talking about "I need to talk to you now", "right now"! My only reply was I'M BUSY, be with you in a few. Next thing I know my ex is walking around the house crying historically, wtf?

How can someone feel they can fuck with whomever they want when they want yet expect another person to not be able to do the same?

Fucking bitches man..... Anyone else got this sort of problem? Can't even have sex in my own home without my ex-girlfriend/roommate going crazy. She got that itch.

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