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Default Some info from the Ukraine

My friend John R Bruning is a Writer by profession. He was imbedded with the Grunts in Iraq and Afghanistan. John has been getting some pretty good info from his "friends" he made back then. His posts can easily be found on facebook

John R Bruning is with Darl Stephenson.
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John R Bruning
Mid-Morning Update:
My dear friend Darl Stephenson sent me a link to some remarkable information on what has happened to the Russian drive northwest of Kyiv and that massive 40 mile long column of vehicles we've seen images of from sats and drones.
According to this source, the Ukrainians waited until the Russians had shoved the better part of 3 divisions down a highway through a flood plain. There's at least one tank division in the mix, along with major elements of an airborne division. The estimate is somewhere around 60,000 men with thousands of vehicles.
When they entered the flood plain, the Ukrainians opened their reservoirs and deluged the area with water. Other reports on line suggest hundreds of Russian soldiers were swept way by the flood. That seems a reach. But, it looks like these vehicles were trapped on that main highway with no way to operate off-road now. Batteries are dying on the vehicles, their tires are Chinese-made and failing. The analysis Darl sent suggests the area around the convoy will be under water or impassible until June.
If this is true, trapping 60,000 men and thousands of vehicles with a flood has to rank as one of the singular coups in military history.
Additional support to this: The Russians are sending pretty much anything with wheels to Ukraine. Some photos of a train carrying a mix of old military vehicles and civilian trucks are attached. This would explain why there are scraping the bottom of the barrel. Three mech/armor divisions use massive amounts of fuel, vehicles to transport that fuel, and other supplies as well.
Darl's link here:
Ukraine Thread Part 3 – Day Eight of the Russian Column Held Hostage (by the usual Russian incompetence) – – Chicago Boyz
Ukraine Thread Part 3 – Day Eight of the Russian Column Held Hostage (by the usual Russian incompetence) – – Chicago Boyz
Some Chicago Boyz know each other from student days at the University of Chicago. Others are Chicago boys in spirit. The blog name is also intended as a good-humored gesture of admiration for distinguished Chicago School economists and fellow travelers.
This can't be combined with what you've already added to your post.
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