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  • Let us introduce ourselves!

    Texas Track Works is a full-service shop and racing facility providing repairs, maintenance and upgrades for any type of vehicle. Founded by Forrest Windecker and Kyle Yepsen, Texas Track Works has been involved in the racing community for years (everything from World Challenge, FSAE, BMWCCA, PCA, SCCA and NASA, to vintage CanAm and TransAm racing and even NHRA drag racing) so we understand automotive customers and the high quality of work they demand. This experience and knowledge is the foundation for everything we do, whether it is a simple tire swap or custom fabrication work. We take pride in what we do and remain focused on the customer’s needs at all times. To learn more about the pricing of services we offer, click here. Feel free to give us a call at 817-926-8863 to schedule an appointment. You can also follow our shop projects by visiting our Facebook page or on our website under "Shop News" at

    Kyle Yepsen, Owner

    Forrest Windecker, Owner

    Spencer Marvdashtipour, Mega Technician

    Andrew Prior, Super Technician

    Brian Bozeman, Media Monster

    We operate in a 3300 sqft facility in Ft. Worth, just a quarter of a mile south of Texas Christian University. Our main focus is on the installation of suspension, brakes, wheels & tires, safety equipment, alignments and corner balancing. Our shop is clean and well lit with a brand new fully optioned Hunter alignment rack, two lifts, a small fab area, and a waiting room with free drinks and wi-fi.

    Here is a quick rundown of what services and products that we offer:

    Alignments for both track and street

    We have never had a vehicle too low for our Hunter Alignment Rack!

    Suspension Installation and Setup

    Sway Bar Install and Adjustments

    Tire Mounting and Balancing

    Race Seats and Harness Install

    Fire Suppression Systems

    Alignment Services
    Our brand new Hunter alignment rack is one the most advanced and fully optioned aligners in the country. With it, we are capable of delivering the most precise and accurate alignment every time. Our equipment measures and plots bump steer, as well as providing a 100% level surface for corner balancing and ride height adjustment. We can also read and reset all factory traction control, stability control, and steering angle sensors through Hunter’s Code-Link system. Also, we’ve never seen a car that was too low for our alignment rack and we always welcome cars with modifications.

    Starting at $99.99* – 2 Wheel Alignment – Includes adjusting toe, camber and caster
    Starting at $149.99* – 4 Wheel Alignment – Includes adjusting toe, camber and caster
    Starting at $219.99* – Unlimited, free alignment adjustments for 1 year. This package is ideal for customers looking to dial in or adjust their alignment for track days, racing, autocross, wheel fitment or other purposes.
    * Additional charges may apply for vehicles with aftermarket and/or adjustable arms, mounts, ball joints, etc. Call us for more details.

    Guaranteed Tire Services
    All tire services are performed using our industry leading Hunter tire machine and backed by our “Zero Scratches” policy. We guarantee that we will not scratch or damage your wheels in any way. Part of the reason that we can do this is because of the way that our tire machine is designed. The tire machines that you find at most tire shops utilize metal claws with sharp teeth to hold your wheel in place. These claws cause scratches, dents and chips, especially on polished or coated surfaces. Our Hunter tire machine, however, is designed with high priced wheels in mind. Our tire machine replaces those damaging metal claws with rubber pads, which protects the finish on your wheels. Furthermore, our employees are highly trained and take pride in protecting the condition of your wheels.

    $20.00 – Dismount, mount, balance, disposal of most tires up to 18″ diameter
    $25.00 – Dismount, mount, balance, disposal of stretched tires or tires over 18″ diameter

    Suspension Services
    $300.00 – Coilover installation on most vehicles. This service includes setting vehicle ride height according to the customer’s specifications.
    $475.00 – Coilover installation including 4 wheel corner balancing. Corner balancing is HIGHLY recommended for vehicles with adjustable coilovers.
    $400.00 – Installation of 4 springs and struts – Some additional charges may apply. Call us for more details.
    $250.00 – Corner balancing service using our top of the line Longacre scales and ballast to simulate driver’s weight. Includes ride height adjustment to customer’s specifications.
    $300.00 – Corner balancing service for vehicles with adjustable sway bar end-links
    $150.00 – Sway bar installation (front and rear)
    $150.00 – Camber plate installation (2 wheels only)

    Track Services
    FREE – Vehicle tech inspection required for most high performance driving events/schools.
    $175.00 – Pre-track service and inspection. Some of the services included are: motor, transmission, and differential fluid change; brake fluid flush and bleed, coolant flush, alignment inspection, corner weight check (for vehicles with adjustable suspension), full tech inspection (does not include fluids or filters)

    Fender Rolling
    Starting at $50.00 – per fender. We use a professional Eastwood fender roller, heat gun and infrared thermometer to prevent fender and paint damage. There may be additional charges for vehicles that require fender modification/liner relocation. Contact us for more details.

    Brake Services
    $50.00 – Brake pad removal and re-installation for most disc brake applications (includes 1 axle set). Includes inspection of brake lines, calipers and rotors.
    $100.00 – Installation of new rotors and pads (includes 1 axle set)
    $60.00 – Brake fluid flush (does not include fluid) WE RECOMMEND MOTUL

    General Services
    $25.00 – Motor oil and filter change (does not include oil or filter) WE RECOMMEND MOTUL
    $35.00 – Transmission or differential fluid change (does not include fluid) WE RECOMMEND MOTUL

    We are excited to be a part of the community. Thanks!
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    Good to have you guys on here. You installed some coilovers and wheels on my roommate's old white Evo X a while back.


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      Welcome, these guys do all of my alignments, wheel/tire work and other misc work, I would trust them with my 100k vette if I had one. Great group of guys and great shop.
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        Thanks guys. We are new to this forum but have been doing business in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for over seven years and look forward to meeting more of the dfwmustangs community. If you want to know more about who we are, or if you'd like to schedule an appointment, feel free to give us a call or stop by!
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