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    Probably not the best forum to post this on but not exactly in a hurry either. Looking for suggestions on a car cover to put on my GT. Car is stored under a car port at my house (no garage) but still manages to get a lot of crap on it. Probably leaning towards a WeatherShield HP from Covercraft. Kinda pricey but don't mind paying for something better. Any thoughts on other brands and materials?

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    Looking at something like this.

    FREE SHIPPING! All-Weather Protection. If you want to maintain the pristine condition of your car, then protect it with this Covercraft WeatherShield HP Custom

    But not sure if it's worth the extra cost over the next step down from it.

    FREE SHIPPING! Premium Sophisticated Cover. When you purchase a Premium Noah Custom-Fit Car Cover, you’re investing in the heritage of Covercraft automotive pro


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      Got this figured out after doing some Google searching. WeatherShield HP is probably what I'm going to go with. NOAH is thicker and will probably protect better with impacts (think of door dings); I really don't have to worry abou tthat. WeatherShield is thinner, easier to fold up and store. I also read some statements that NOAH tends to be "dustier" leaving a fine layer of dust underneath the cover. Also it tends not to age very well i.e. falling apart. WeatherShield also dries really quick.


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        I have too many cars and not enough space. For nights like the other night I have a Covercraft Noah. I also have a foam matress top I can out underneath. So far its done well and held up. I have a friend with 8 Boxsters parked outside and he has a variety of car covers. He says nothing lasts more than 3 years in continuous use. He likes weathershield too.


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          Cool. Good to know.


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            Yah I think he has 9 Boxsters now. Some ahole just sold him a running driving one for $1k and he picked it up in DFW (he is in OK). I wish I had his kind of space and could get deals like that. I imagine OK weather is hard on car covers. I’ve had my Noah 2 years and it’s doing pretty good. I need to get a lift so the only cars outside are dailies that are fully insured disposable drivers.


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              JESUS! $1K for a running Boxster??!! I'm never that lucky.