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I need a Ducati guy, tuner, something

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  • I need a Ducati guy, tuner, something

    So, my Tard, gave the the MC bug again. I love that pissed off dirtbike but I ended up wanting a cruiser and a crotch rocket. I found a 04 749 Monoposto that a guy got so mad at, he dropped it off at his uncles and said get rid of it. He dropped almost 4k on it at AMS Ducati, and after 6 months he got it back and it still wouldn't idle. I mean they changed the oil twice, did the belts, plugs, clutch, hydraulics, TPS reset, checked the valves, you name it. Last word before they criminal trespassed it was harness or computer. So, I bought it. It would never idle for the guy. Crank it and it would cough back through the intake and die. I got it up to temp, rode it, basically it ran like trash in the lower 6k. I would hit the gas and let out and it would pause, then go, then keep going for a sec. Let out grab the clutch and die. 6k to 11k no issues. Low and behold I had a Virgin upgrade DP racing computer for the tard in my box. Slapped it on, thru what I thought was a 749 base tune on it and idles and runs perfect albeit a tad low. Well except after you are riding it and let out for a stop. Kaput. No back firing or acting weird other then that. It has the full Termi system on it and sounds fine other then some gurgling and backfire on let off but it is pretty open on the exhaust. Realized it was a 749s tune I put on it after running tuneECU. So I slapped a base 749 full Termi tune on it. Ran like shit. Slapped a different base one on it, ran like shit, zero midrange and coughing in the intake. Slapped a 749s full Termi tune on it, runs great except the dying on let out. I have gotten good at dropping the clutch to crank it after a corner. So, once I get my gas analyzer in and my sync tool I am going to try and straighten it out, there are some great tutorials on line for what is causing the cut out. However, I want to get it tuned after that to make sure my AFR's are good. I have also emailed Ducati to inquire if this is an S version. Just bizarre I tell ya, like it has cams or something, which the S and R did. Either way, I figure one of you guys, knows a guy if I can't figure it out or if I get it tuned later. Oh and when I tell you the AMS guys hate this bike, they fucking hate it. I barely got them to tell me anything about it and they won't touch it. They did tell me the computer would be 1800 installed. I literally won this one on Ebay for 200 and it dropped right in and I flashed it pretty easily. Bad thing is there is no way to convert the tune from the 59M computer to the 5AM ECU, so I am just guessing at this point.

    At least the other two bikes are flawless.
    Whos your Daddy?