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Unofficial Rules For Picture and Video Post Forum

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  • Unofficial Rules For Picture and Video Post Forum

    Until we can get a separate area for explicit material please take the following into consideration for fellow board members.

    For now just use common sense/ common courtesy for those that may be at work or have children etc and don't want to be surprised by inappropriate content.

    If you want to post naked pictures of your wife, gf, etc... then do it at your own risk. I'm definitely not going to encourage this type of behavior, but if you feel it necessary then please put a WW or NSFW warning in the title and it MUST go into the NSFW forum.

    Otherwise have fun!

    If we can self police, then there won't be a need for many rules, if any at all.
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    OK, all *WW* images need to be linked. No *WW*images shall be posted.
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      And if you are just posting a music video for no other reason than to post it, I'm going to move it to the Music forum.

      Oh, and IATL... (In After The Lock)