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New "Short barrelled rifle" checklist

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  • New "Short barrelled rifle" checklist

    On January 13, 2023, the Attorney General signed ATF final rule 2021R-08F, “Factoring Criteria for Firearms with Attached ‘Stabilizing Braces,’” amending ATF’s regulations to clarify when a rifle is designed, made, and intended to be fired from the shoulder. The final rule was published in the Federal Register on January 31, 2023.

    The proposed rule would:

    Amend the definition of “rifle” in 27 CFR 478.11 and 479.11, respectively, by adding a sentence at the end of each definition to clarify that the term “rifle” includes any weapon with a rifled barrel and equipped with an attached “stabilizing brace” that has objective design features and characteristics that indicate that the firearm is designed to be fired from the shoulder.
    Set forth a worksheet “Factoring Criteria for Rifled Barrel Weapons with Accessories commonly referred to as ‘Stabilizing Braces,’” ATF Worksheet 4999, to aid the firearms industry and public in understanding the criteria that ATF considers when evaluating firearm samples that are submitted with an attached “stabilizing brace” or similar component or accessory.

    This proposed rule would not affect “stabilizing braces” that are objectively designed and intended as a “stabilizing brace” for use by individuals with disabilities, and not for shouldering the weapon as a rifle. Such stabilizing braces are designed to conform to the arm and not as a buttstock.

    It goes on to list the checklist that if you score a "4" or higher, you have an illegal short barrelled rifle, and have committed a felony. Things include weight, length, "accessories" such as hand stops, any kind of reflex or magnified optic, bipods, or back-up iron sights all contributing.

    So, if you have a SB Tactical brace (2) on a 14 inch (3) AR pistol with an angled foregrip (4) , BUIS (1) and a reflex optic (2), you score at least a 12 out of a limit of 4 points, so you are triple fucked.

    If you have a heavier weapon, such as a 308 pistol that weighs over 7.5 pounds, no matter what you do you already violate the law and have an unregistered SBR.

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    Jury nullification is a thing and it should be applied to cases such as this. A movement needs to be started amongst gun owners to refuse to convict on any NFA related charges no matter what the circumstances. Even if they arrested Scarface with that M16 and the grenade launcher he needs to be found not guilty.
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      Everyone needs to click this link and go fill out the form to bombard the ATF with letters telling them they are stupid.

      The ATF has officially published its pistol-brace executive action that could turn MILLIONS of law-abiding gun owners into FELONS. GOA has already committed to fighting DOJ’s unlawful regulation on pistol braces. The rule would make almost all guns equipped with popular pistol braces illegal, requiring gun owners to destroy, register, or surrender their lawfully-acquired firearms accessories. Make no mistake: this … Read more
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      Not a good idea to go Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor on the power phallus.



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        Hell yes I signed it.


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          Let's fill out a spreadsheet to see if we are now breaking the law. What a fucking joke.
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          What's your beef with NPR, because their listeners are typically more informed than others?
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          Voting is a constitutional right, overthrowing the government isn't.