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F1 - Las Vegas 2023

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  • F1 - Las Vegas 2023

    I admittedly don't follow F1, never have, but was the Las Vegas race an absolute shit show or was it just the bad press on social media?

    The track layout was quite possibly more boring than a Nascar oval. The destruction of the racecar during the first minutes of action was an abysmal facepalm moment. Ticket sales were rumored to be much lower than expected. F1 supposedly requested all of the hotels along the race path to pay royalties for every guest at the hotel?

    Why would anyone at F1 agree to such a venue, other than expecting significant profits from the race?
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    Las Vegas hired security guards so residents and tourists can’t watch F1 on viewable pathways. Restaurant and business owners with views of the track are really fucked. F1 is charging them $1200 PER SEAT, and if the business doesn’t pay it they’re building a wall in front to block their view.
    Venues that have had views of the strip for YEARS are having to figure out how to come up with the millions F1 is trying to gouge them for. Or take away their view. It’s so Fucked not to mention the crazy ticket prices!​


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      20 year F1 fan and Las Vegas native... F1 slapped our city in the face tonight.