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Old Ford Lightning mint condition.

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  • Old Ford Lightning mint condition.

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    Wow. I’ve always wanted an older lightning. Beautiful truck

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      That's clean. A very cool truck at the time. I think that was Ford's failed answer to the GMC Cyclone/Typhoon. It is a pig in stock condition. However, one could say the same about the 255hp 454 SS. Still wouldn't mind having one in my garage in that condition.


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        There is a white lightning in the same condition in the gayborhood. I've seen the guy at restaurants before and I've spoken with him about his truck, he's owned it since new.
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          Early Lightning

          I owned a black 94. Sorry I traded it, I like the 2003 Lightning I now have, the 94 was a real truck.


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            I like the ones that whine better, but I'd pimp that gen1.


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              That dealer always has crazy nice older unique trucks. Been watching then for a few years now. They aren't too far from my in laws.

              Had a white 95 back in the day with a supercharger and long tubes no cats and dumped flowmasters. Was a really fun truck. Sold it in ebay about 13/14 years ago. Guy flew down from New York and drove it back. That had to be a horrible trip. Truck was stupid loud in the cab and got 10-12 mpg. Thats when premium was $4 or more.


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                We bought my son a white 95 'L' in '10, we were the 3rd owners, great truck. We put a few dollars in it to bring it back to life, when we bought him a '13 Stang we sold ot to a 17 year old Allen HS girl, she got rear ended while stopped at a light, diamond'd the frame and it went to the heap yard...
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                  I miss my juiced 94L. Hands down the best car/truck I’ve ever owned. I had more street racing kills with that thing. Would 60’ like a boss.


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                    I've always had a thing for the Gen1 but the seat room was just too little. I'm short and couldn't stand how little room you had. Either you have leg room and the seat back is straight up or you lose leg room to allow the seat to lean back a little.

                    If it was feasible to keep one stored just to look at and admire, I'd have another.