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  • Help buying a Humvee

    Looking at doing an H1 Safari Rig build for a non-profit I help run. It?s something we would sell in our Live Auction, that?s the aspect of the NP that I chair.

    In the past, we?ve taken Suburbans and cut them up, totally customized them into nice ranch vehicles. This year, we are doing a bed replacement on a Chevy Silverado crew cab, that should turn out pretty nice, but gearing up for the 2024 banquet, I have a Humvee in my sites.

    Anyone who has any experience with buying Humvees, the best source for them, (I am in Texas), what to look out for, what they typically need in maintenance, etc is appreciated. I understand the lead time on titling one is about 9 months, any tips there are appreciated.

    Some people do drive these safari rigs in town, especially coastal towns because they double as a fun beach rig, so road worthiness is a consideration.

    All on-topic replies appreciated!

    The backside of one of our rigs as an example of what we've done...

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    A few years ago, I had looked here -

    I believe they have all the info regarding making one legal on their site.


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      I hear Afghanistan has a bunch of them they got cheap.


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        you sure you want one of those piece of shits? just give me the money and I'll kick you in the balls


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          this is for sale down the road from me. probably too proud a number but saw it and thought of this thread. if you want me to roll by and check it out for you I could. looks like it's already road legal too

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            Be careful in Texas, make sure it has a good title. Most of them are sold off road only. I can't remember the specifics but it was part of the deal on releasing them.
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              Youre in Austin. Theres a guy in Dripping Springs off of 12, north of 290. He's got a bunch of those things. He's up there by Jesse James's place..


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                Buy construction equipment, Humvees, trucks, uniforms & field gear, home & office goods, medical equipment, unclaimed property & more. All sales open to the public.

                Says it comes with a SF97 which is the form needed to get a title.