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sleepers 1981 zephyr lsx/th400/turbo

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  • sleepers 1981 zephyr lsx/th400/turbo

    I figured id start a build thread even if its going to take 10 years to finish.

    The story begins back in the late 90's. I always liked fairmonts especially brians green car. I've looked since then for a good build canidit. I wanted a 2 door box top. When one would come up it would either be in really bad shape, or it was 6k.

    enter 2011. I found this car siting at a shop about a hour from my home. I figured it was just there being worked on. 6 months goes by and i drive back through and its still there. I decided to cold call the owner of the shop a few days later.

    The story is a kid was driving home from Texas to Illinois. The motor grenaded on him. He had one of those autozone/western auto motors installed just a few months before. They warrantied the motor, but not the labor so the kid abandoned the car. I offered the owner 600 for the car, but by the time i had all the title bs and everything else. It was mine for a $1000.00 dollars. New motor and all.

    Once i got the car home i started to clean it out. This kids whole life was in this car. Taxes, bills, clothes, you name it. It was in there. 6-30 gallon trash cans later i have it cleaned out.

    I put in some fluids and new gas and fired it up. Drove it about 40 miles and put it under a cover. I did wash,clay bar, and wax it before i covered it.

    Sitting at the shop when i found it.

    Getting it home and cleaned out.

    Ready to cruise with the door guards removed, and washed/waxed.

    I started aquiring turbo parts. Ive got all the materials to build the kit. Turbo, bov, wastegate, t4 divided flage, oil drain, feed, and so on.

    Now that ive had my fun with the gutless 2.3 I decided to weigh it full trim on the local scales before ripping it apart. It weighs 2510 pounds with out me in it.

    And time to tear it down.

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      Ordered a aje k member with 175# springs today.


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        so fucking jealous... I've had the itch for another fox body lately


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          I'm looking forward to this thread
          1969 GTO Judge Clone 6.0 liter LQ4 Turbo 4L60e on LS1tech

          1960 Chevy Sedan Delivery LS swap


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            Rad! That car is clean, dude!
            ZOMBIE REAGAN FOR PRESIDENT 2016!!! heh


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                Your silver box top and your old wagon cooter is what really got me into monts.


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                  Originally posted by Sleeper View Post
                  Your silver box top and your old wagon cooter is what really got me into monts.
                  I wish I hadn't gotten rid of my white wagon, but I was in a money bind at the time

                  Good looking car man


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                    I know how it is. I sold my 92lx for the same reason.

                    Same guy that ended up with your white wagon has Matt's first turbo mont.

                    If anyone has some factory radiator mounts I need a pair.


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                      You might be thinking of my banana cream wagon

                      my white wagon was a 41k mile southern california survivor in about as good of condition as I've ever seen. I think I got $3400 for it in bone stock I6 condition


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                        Got this today.


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                          Made a little progress today.

                          I forgot how much i hate using hand tools vs power tools. The shop is being occupied and i dont have a 300 foot air hose haha.


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                            That is a clean Mont! Should be real fun when you are done.
                            92 LX 5.0


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                              I still want my black car back from you for some reason haha. I did everything on that car by hand. Didnt have access to power tools.

                              I did get the new k member in. Going to install the caster camber plates tomorrow and order the rest. Manual rack, shaft, and new struts.