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Homealone's 62 Ford Country Sedan Build Up

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  • Homealone's 62 Ford Country Sedan Build Up

    Hey gonzoss, I think it's time to change your Avatar!!

    A little over 2 years ago I picked up this 1962 Ford Country Sedan (Galaxie Wagon) from our very own gonzoss. And after an evening here and there, some Saturdays, a few long breaks due to 6 months in Montreal, an awful work schedule, the 63 Falcon and the 55 Chevy, I had it on the road just in time for Good Guys in October.

    No plans to make it perfect. I just want a nice, safe and reliable driver I can haul friends and family around in, grab some groceries, chase some parts and maybe pull a car hauler with it.

    I'll break down the build after this but here are the basics.

    Gone is the 352fe and Ford O Matic it came with, and in it's place, a small block w/efi and an overdrive automatic.

    Hydroboost power disc brake conversion.

    New floor pans front and rear.

    And a freshened up interior.

    Future plans, a little more power under the hood, a 5spd trans, IRS and air ride.

    So, here are a few pics.

    As I found it. "Ran when parked" right? Pulled straight from the back yard. Even with cool cat's help, it was a bitch getting that thing out.

    Finally loaded

    And it's home

    After it's first bath in I don't know how many years

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    Fast forward, 3 weeks before Good Guys, motor runs, suspension rebuilt, etc, etc, and on the ground. Followed the advice of other Galaxie owners and used Ford Aerostar coil springs. Wrong choice. That'll get fixed.

    3" blocks out back

    We're legal

    First shakedown run to the gas station. A bad EGR valve made it interesting.

    Two days later, we made it to Good Guys.

    On our way


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      Daddy likes. I would love a wagon cruiser but my crazy wife thinks wagons are ugly. She crazy.
      Fuck you. We're going to Costco.


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        Put the supremes back on!!!!


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          Originally posted by coley View Post
          Put the supremes back on!!!!


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            Badass wagon. Why does it have EGR on it?


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              I'm diggin both the FRs and the Supremes.


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                Originally posted by coley View Post
                Put the supremes back on!!!!

                No shit!! Great looking car man.


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                  Originally posted by kbscobravert View Post
                  Daddy likes. I would love a wagon cruiser but my crazy wife thinks wagons are ugly. She crazy.
                  I have the exact same problem!
                  Originally posted by Leah
                  Best balls I've had in my mouth in a while.


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                    Originally posted by orphan Shelby View Post
                    Badass wagon. Why does it have EGR on it?
                    It's running a fuelie 5.0.


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                      Thanks guys.

                      Originally posted by coley View Post
                      Put the supremes back on!!!!
                      Different wheels for different functions. I am working on a set of Magnum 500s for daily use.


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                        Lets play a little. We'll start with the motor. It was originally a 352FE with a 3spd auto. gonzoss drove it before he started tearing it down so I finished yanking it when I got it home.

                        Out with the old. Anyone need a 352 long block core? It might be 390, I haven't looked into it.

                        Time for a little cleanup and a coat of paint


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                          Motor Round 1.
                          The wagon came with a nice little marine block 390FE with cross bolt mains, aluminum intake and a sweet set of vintage ribbed valve covers. I wanted something that would get more than 10mpg so we'll set this aside for something else. Maybe a Falcon Gasser build.

                          Motor, Round 2.
                          I knew I wanted to go with a late model EFI motor and an overdrive transmission. So I set out to find an Explorer 5.0L and 4R70w trans. They didn't have any that day but I found this. 5.3L/4L60E swap? Why not.

                          First test fit. The oil pan and transmission had some clearance issues. Something has to give.

                          The trans tunnel had some rust issues anyway so it went first. At least the trans fits now.

                          Next was the oil pan. The truck pan hung too low so I opted for a GTO pan. A little cutting, a little aluminum MIG welding (not my best work) and some custom mounts and it fits.


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                            The new trans was a few inches longer so I modified the original crossmember. In hindsight I should have cut the frame mounts free and narrowed the crossmember but too late now. I cut it, slid the center back, boxed it in and welded it up.


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                              Next was the wiring harness. I removed all the wiring that wasn't needed and rewrapped it. If you choose to do this yourself, do it on a table where you can sit down. Kneeling on the kitchen floor for a few hours damn near killed me.

                              Before and after.

                              During the diet

                              All the tape that was removed and the excess wire