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Fuel sending unit replacement

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  • Fuel sending unit replacement

    Has anyone ever replaced a fuel sending unit that is accessed on the top of the tank without pulling the tank? How hard is this gonna be? Lol. Or is it virtually impossible and I must pull it?

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    No idea, I replaced mine when I had the tank out to replace the pump. Good luck.
    Originally posted by stevo
    Not a good idea to go Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor on the power phallus.



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      I’m going to check the ground before I do anything serious. The gauge will read fine when the car is off but as soon as I turn it over it jumps to F. It also read almost empty when I got the car, which was accurate. Then early on when I got it running again and when I was tuning it and getting the carb set while revving it, that’s when it jumped to F. I think it’s a possibility that the ground is loose.