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  • National Kart Race

    North Texas Kartway has been given the 2016 4 Cycle National Championship Race. This will be held the week of August 8th thru 13th.

    We really wanted the 2 cycle race but will do with the 4 cycle's.

    We are expecting 150 to 180 racer's, along with their teams. It WILL be a busy week for our track. Somebody should tell Gene ( Northstar dragway ) lots of traffic will be on the road. We are going to try to work on that issue before the race. Hope it don't rain that week.

    Drive Fast

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    kickass, how is the seating for spectators out there? it's not my cup of tea but if its more than a bunch of yokel locals i would love to come see it first hand.


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      i dont know about this race specifically (especially 4 stroke) but anything national in the karting world tends to be pretty big.

      was in vegas while SKUSA was going on last year, pretty large scale. definitely not low budget.
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        We have some old school "bleachers" around the track. Most of us just stand on the fence.
        Walk thru the pits.
        Talk is that Briggs is coming out with $25,000 purse but I can't confirm that.